Before Getting a French Bulldog for a Pet: A Guide

French Bulldog Puppy Wearing Rhinestone Collar

It is really from England where the ancestors of the French bulldog originally came from. These dogs are muscular and compact. IF you want to describe how a French bulldog looks you can say they are cute, pug-like, with a solid bone structure and a flat muzzle. This type of breed, the French bulldog breed, came about when the early English artisans did not find the large sized bulldogs pleasing to their sight. When the breeding became successful it became popular in France. These smaller bulldogs were then bred with the French terriers and that is how it got its name. Here’s a good read about french bulldog for sale, check it out!

A French bulldog is easily known by looking at it physical attributes. They have a smooth coat with a straight, un-cropped tail. It has a large square shaped face and wide set eyes that are dark in color, which provides the bulldog with its cute appearance. Their ears is similar to bat’s ears which are rounded on the upper section and broad at the base. By its facial appearance, we can tell that a French bulldog is intelligent, alert, and has a level of curiosity. A French bulldog’s height is 12 inches from the shoulder, and from 19 to 28 pounds is its average weight. Different colors and patterns make the French bulldog’s coat. For colors, a French bulldog can be pale to brown shade and you can find on their coat markings and patterns also. Find out for further details right here

French bulldog ancestors were guard or watch dogs. French bulldogs do not have stern manners as their ancestors did. The outstanding personality of French bulldogs is its being comical, playful, and affectionate. They love to play for hours even alone by themselves. Attention and affection are also needed by the French bulldog just like any other dog. They can form strong bonds with one particular member of a family but it will love all others. The French bulldog interacts well with children if they have been raising together. French bulldog makes a wonderful pet for your children.

Look for a reputable breeder if you are looking for a French bulldog for a pet, so that you can be sure that you are getting a healthy puppy. You need to check how the puppies were cared for and the environment they have been bred. Pay attention on how they interact with other puppies and with humans. Also make sure that the puppies are given healthy diet of dog food and exercise. Since these puppies already show their personalities even at an early stage, you can choose puppies based on your personality preference. French bulldogs can be boisterous, sociable, or quiet, or a mixture of the three. Your French bulldog will be the perfect pet and companion with the right training and love.

The French bulldog is an ideal companion because of their characteristics of being good-natured, gentle and incredibly loving. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

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